Extract Frames From Video

•September 9, 2009 • 1 Comment


If you’ve ever tried to extract frames from video with standard or many of the free video capture software on the market, you’ll know how frustrating it can be trying to pinpoint & extract the right frame & one that is of a decent quality.

Yes, you can spend hours trying to extract frames from video and if you are lucky, end up with one or two good frames.
Most software to extract frames from video is not task specific and so does not allow you do find specific scenes, or create video indexes to locate and capture frames in minutes.

Having poor video extraction software can also use up a huge amount of ram or internet on your pc because the conversion process uses software that is not designed specifically for extracting frames. This can involve a tedious process of extraction, then conversion – sometimes from one format to

In the past trying to extract frames from video involved several steps and could require more than one piece of software before you finally end up with an image that may or may not be the right frame and of a decent quality.
So how can you find good quality easy to use software to extract frames from video?
5 Features to look for:

• One step extraction. Software that captures images in one step rather than having to put unnecessary load on your PC by having to go through many steps to acquire images.

• Batch capture so you can quickly and easily find capture multiple frames from multiple videos without having to sort through a pile of data.

• Scene search; index your videos so you can quickly locate specific scenes to capture without having to create tags .

• Extraction of still frames saved in a universal jpeg or bmp format which can be opened, read and edited in any generic picture editor.

• HTML web page generation with video frames. Captured frames are generated and saved as HTML pages with images.


As you can see, using task specific software designed to extract frames from video saves you hundreds of hours of time and energy. Using good quality software ensures that you can quickly obtain clear professional frames that can be used for your purposes without having to go through many tedious
steps to convert them into readable image files.

How much is your time worth to you? Whatever the reason you need to extract frames from video, by choosing tools to help you quickly extract frames from video, you can spend your time on productive
tasks that you enjoy, or that make you money.

Fast video indexer helps people needing to extract frames from video save
time by extracting frames automatically from a list of videos to create index
web pages, index pictures or a list of images.